Accessibility Statement

"MonarchLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure" includes the features that have been implemented to improve the accessibility of the web site contents for all users and, in particular, for users with sensory or physical disabilities.

If you have any questions or comments about the accessibility features of this site, e-mail them to

Access Keys

Right across the site, it is possible to navigate to key pages by typing keys defined on the web site. Most browsers support jumping to specific links in this way. On Windows, you press ALT and a specific access key and then ENTER to select and follow the specific link. On a Mac, you press CONTROL and an access key and then Enter. Every page on this site defines the following access keys:

Benefits of Access Keys

Users with visual impairments who use text-to-speech screen readers, like JAWS, benefit from access keys. For example, when JAWS reads a link that defines an access key, it announces the access key as well. Users with certain physical impairments benefit from access keys as they provide alternative and efficient forms of navigation for those users who have difficulty manipulating a mouse to navigate through a web site and who prefer to navigate using their keyboard.

Standards Compliance