Butterfly Garden Grants

Congratulations to the following schools and organizations that received GreenWorks! grants from Project Learning Tree for Butterfly Garden Grants through MonarchLIVE.




Project Name & Description



Ocean Shore Schools

Ocean Shore School Butterfly Habitat: Ocean Shore School, in collaboration with the GGNPC, will establish a butterfly sanctuary using native plant species to augment their greenhouse garden area. The butterfly garden will be a student planned and planted garden that will educate the Pacifica community about butterfly habitats, life cycles and environmental dependence


Woodland Park

Gateway Elementary School

A Butterfly Haven for the 21st Century: Under the guidance of a Habitat Team composed of teachers, administrators and volunteers, a student organization, K-Kids will establish a butterfly garden.   Not only will this haven help to protect local butterflies, it will also create a meaningful way to integrate the science and technology curriculum for all students.


Winter Springs

Layer Elementary

"Tag!" You're It! A Butterfly Playground: This is a service-learning project which integrates community service and the new Science Sunshine Standards. The garden, targeted for Spring 2009, is an environmental project which will serve as an outdoor lab for all Layer Elementary students. Accessible to the local community, the garden is to enhance an area with 90% Florida native nectar and host plants.


Coral Springs

Sawgrass Springs Middle School

Beautiful Butterflies and Mystical Motivation:  Sawgrass Springs Environmental Magnet School is located in Coral Springs bordering the Florida Everglades.  The mission is to use the outdoors as the classroom to teach butterfly education.  Middle schoolers are planting symmetrical a butterfly shaped garden with antennas, wings, and steppingstones to walk upon. An environmental work of art! 



Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Lawn Nation Butterfly Garden: TEENS (Teenagers Exploring and Explaining Nature and Science) will improve the existing Lawn Nation exhibit garden in the front entrance to the museum by adding plants that attract and provide habitat for native butterflies species. Interpretive signage will provide educational information to over 200,000 people that visit our museum annually.



O.W. Homes Elementary School

Fly, Baby, Fly!: This project will create a safe haven for butterflies to return to an urban area, bringing excitement, pollination, and enjoyment by students and community members alike. Designed and maintained by students, it will become part of an outdoor learning environment for all children in this neighborhood school.



Morgan Selvidge middle School

Selvidge Middle School Butterfly Garden: Morgan Selvidge Middle School in Ballwin, Missouri, will build a butterfly garden as part of a service learning project during the spring of 2009. This project is tied to state academic curriculum. The garden will include a birdbath, milkweed plants, and nectar-producing native flowers for the Monarch Butterflies.


Bay St.Louis

South Hancock Elementary School

South Hancock Spreads its Wings: The purpose of this grant is to create a butterfly garden on the grounds of South Hancock Elementary School. Led by PLT facilitator-trained staff, second graders would work with teachers, parents, and community partners to participate in MonarchLive! creating a sense of community and beautifying their environment.



Bernice Young School

Young School Garden of Learning: Students, staff, parents and senior citizen volunteers are creating a Butterfly Garden for the centerpiece of the Young School Garden of Learning. This intergenerational endeavor restores our ecoregion with native flower sanctuaries, Butterfly, Worm, Rock and rain gardens, facilitating cross -curricular learning and outdoor areas for adult studies and gardening.



Upper Township School District

Intergenerational Butterfly Garden: The school’s Intergenerational Club, comprised of students, educators and seniors working side by side, will cultivate and nurture key varieties of annuals and perennials that support the monarch butterfly’s life stages.  Both 4th and 5th grade students will use this outdoor classroom with their teachers during their study of life science.



West Elementary School & Master Gardeners of Athens County

Creation to Migration: This project provides a learning laboratory for students at West Elementary School.  This learning lab will be hands on and a real world application for our students who will be part of the planning, constructing and up-keep of the pollinator garden and document their discoveries.  Students will learn about soil nutrient cycles, plant growth, pollinators and ecosystem function. The Master Gardeners of Athens County partnered with West Elementary to provide consultation, instruction and material support.



Applegate Elementary School

Come Fly With Me is an extension of our School Garden Project that was started in 2007. Part of our school garden is currently unused and the volunteers from the School Garden Project along with my students think the rest of the garden should be a Butterfly Garden.



Houston Independent School District - Stephen F. Austin High School

Miles de Monarcas: Miles de Monarcas pollinator garden is a curriculum-based project based on experiential learning and hands-on experiences.  Students, teachers and community have joined forces to provide habitat for migrating Monarchs and other important local butterfly species. 



Houston Independent School District - Berry Elementary Science Magnet School

Berry's Butterfly Monarch Mania: Berry’s Butterfly Monarch Mania is a place-based, service learning, hands-on Monarch butterfly/pollinator garden maintained by a self-supporting system created by curious and involved student hands, careful teacher guidance and community-based interest in providing supplemental habitat providing a sustainable Monarch corridor for the migration of this international symbol of freedom. 



Environmental Institute of Houston

Clear Lake High School Atrium: Clear Lake High School’s Earth Club plans to rejuvenate the atrium located at the center of its main campus.  With funding, a welcoming butterfly garden could be added to currently dull space.



Lee Elementary, Denton ISD

Lee Outdoor Learning Area (LOLA) Monarch Butterfly Habitat: This Project will involve all students K-5 in a hands-on, service learning experience that will include collaborations with local community and University partners with the goal of creating a schoolyard habitat for migrating Monarch Butterflies as well as site for year round natural science observations and experiential learning! 



Kyle Elementary School - Hays CISD

Kyle Elementary Environmental Study Center - Habitat Restoration Project: Kyle Elementary students are developing areas within their campus to restore habitats that will support wildlife. By planting native plants that provide food and shelter for insects and animals, we hope to surround students with more opportunities to learn about nature.


Project Learning Tree® Lesson PlansMonarch butterfly

Improve Your Place
This is lesson plan provides a process for planning, designing, and planting a butterfly and pollinator garden, and is a good model to use when creating and planning any service project. In this activity, students are encouraged to plan and carry out a service learning project that focuses on making positive environmental changes in their community.  CLICK HERE for a pdf file of “Improve Your Place.” (for grades 5-8)

Can It Be Real?
A beetle that drinks fog. A flower that smells like rotting meat. A fish that “shoots down” its prey. Are these plants and animals for real? In this activity, students discover extraordinary plants and animals, and gain insight on how they are uniquely adapted to environmental conditions..  CLICK HERE for a pdf file of “Can It Be Real?” (for grades 4-8)

Other Grants

A number of other organizations also providing funding for schoolyard gardens. 

Project Learning Tree
Do you have an idea for a school/community native plant garden, a forest improvement project, a streamside restoration plan, a recycling program, or energy conservation project for your students?  Need funds to implement it?  Apply for a Project Learning Tree GreenWorks! grant!