Monarchs on the Move

Take your class on a journey with monarch butterflies. Check out the five archived electronic field trips plus a PowerPoint presentation as the monarchs travel to Mexico to overwinter and then migrate south to the United States and Canada for the spring and summer.

MonarchLIVE Kick-off
MonarchLIVE kicked off with a broadcast and webcast from Virginia. The program reviewed monarch biology, citizen science programs, and the importance of stewardship and featured former US Forest Service Chief Gail Kimbell and Dr. Karen Oberhauser, a leading monarch butterfly researcher.

In the Mexican Mountains
MonarchLIVE visited the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve for the first-ever live broadcast / webcast from the Sierra Chincua sanctuary where monarch butterflies overwinter.

Community Conservation in Mexico
MonarchLIVE webcast and broadcast from Alternare, a community training center that promotes conservation and sustainable livelihoods for small farmers living in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.

Little Spaces; Big Results
Butterfly gardens can be created everywhere!  The webcast featured Eden Place Nature Center in Chicago and demonstrated how small garden plots can have big results for both butterflies and people.  

Building the Population
MonarchLIVE visted Minnesota to learn about monarchs’ summer behavior and population growth, citizen roles in monitoring the population, and threats to monarchs. 

Monarchs in Canada
Monarchs depend on healthy habitats in three countries, and Canada provides a welcome summer home to thousands of butterflies.  For more information and for a PowerPoint presentation in English and French, CLICK HERE.