In the Mexican Mountains

MonarchLIVE webcast and broadcast from the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve at Sierra Chincua, Mexico.  This program was the first-ever live broadcast and webcast from these remote mountains where the monarch butterfly overwinters.

The 60-minute program was hosted by Paulo Quadri with the National Commission Butterflies in Mexican mountainsof Natural Protected Areas in Mexico (  The program featured biologist Felipe Martínez, also with CONANP, and Dr. Isabel Ramirez with the National University of Mexico discussing:
-- Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve
-- rules for visiting the sanctuaries
-- history of finding the overwintering sites
-- migration biology
-- overwintering biology
-- oyamel forest
-- estimate of the overwintering population
-- predators and problems of surviving the winter
-- migration cycle
-- conservation and sustainability, and
-- tourism, the local economy, and ejido system of land management.